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Tips for Contacting the Resort

  • Our guest service agents receive many calls throughout the day. Please do not hang up if you are placed on hold, as calls are answered in the order that they are received.
  • If your call is transferred and answered by voicemail, please leave a message so that we may return your call.
  • Find us on Facebook & Twitter! Visit  &  to get the latest news updates & communicate directly with us!

Contact List

Contact List

Resort Information
540.289.4978 | Resort ext 65033

Condo & Hotel Rentals
540.289.4952 | Resort ext 55702

Front Desk Information
540.289.9441  | Resort ext 0
1822 Resort Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Activities & Concierge Information
540.289.4978 | Resort ext 65033
1822 Resort Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Explore WaterPark®
540.437.3340 | Resort ext 65400
1200 Adventure Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Snow Sports Information
540.289.4954 | Resort ext 55050
4620 Ƶapp Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Mountain Greens Golf Course®
540.289.4941 | Resort ext 55041
1822 Resort Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Woodstone Meadows Golf Course®
540.289.4919 | Resort ext 65041
300 Silverstone Ln, Ƶapp, VA 2284

Woodstone Recreation Center
540.289.4977 | Resort ext 65088
1822 Resort Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Ƶapp Fitness & Rec Club
540.289.4987 | Resort ext 55088
4160 Delwebb Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

The Spa at Ƶapp®
540.289.4040 | Resort ext 65200
1824 Resort Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Ƶapp Adventures
540.289.4066 | Resort ext 65111
1850 Meadow Vista Ln, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Catering & Weddings
540.289.4905 | Resort ext 65308

WaterPark Groups
540.437.3387 | Resort ext 65460

Ski Groups
540.289.4954 | Resort ext 55050

Emergency & Severe Weather Hotline

Ownership Information

Other Numbers

  • General Store & Lift Coffee | 540.289.4998 | Resort ext 55100 | 4620 Ƶapp Drive, Ƶapp, VA 22840
  • The Market | 540.289.4098 | Resort ext 65100 | 1850 Meadowvista Lane, Ƶapp, VA 22840
  • Horse Stables | 540.289.6152 | 2560 Ag Center Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840
  • Mountain Bike Shop | 540.289.4957 | Resort ext 55057 | 4091 Ƶapp Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840
  • Mountainside Villas® | 540.289.6003 | 4082 Peak Dr, Ƶapp, VA 22840

Mailing Address

Mailing Address

Receive mail and parcels prior to or during your stay!

Mailing & Shipping to Explore Resort®

U.S. Postal Service Only:
Explore Resort
Attn: Department or Ƶapp Employee you are shipping to
P.O. Box 1227
Harrisonburg, VA 22803

Any other service than the USPS: (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
Please contact the Resort Front Desk at 540.289.9441 for the proper address information for the party you are shipping to.

Mailing & Shipping to Guests Staying at Explore Resort®

U.S. Postal Service Only:
Explore Resort
Woodstone Guest Registration Building
Registered Guest's Name and Unit Number

PO Box 1227
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22803

Any other service than the USPS: (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
Explore Resort
Woodstone Guest Registration Building
Registered Guest's Name
and Unit Number
1822 Resort Drive
Ƶapp, Virginia 22840

Note: This is not a Post Office address and will not be recognized by our local Post Office. USPS mail with this address will be returned to the sender.

Important Notes: 

  • Explore Resort® does not receive U.S. Postal Service delivery on Saturdays.
  • Overnight packages or letters may be sent through the USPS as well as other carriers, so be sure to confirm the carrier before selecting the address. 
  • If the mail is to be delivered to someone staying with a registered guest, you must indicate the registered guest's name and unit number. 
  • For Internet driving directions, use the Ƶapp, VA address. 
  • For any other questions regarding guest mail, please call our Resort switchboard and ask to speak to the Manager on Duty at 540.289.9441.
North Lobby
1822 Resort Dr.
McGaheysville, VA 22840
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South Lobby
1816 Resort Drive
McGaheysville, VA 22840
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Ƶapp Station
1850 Meadow Vista Ln
McGaheysville, VA 22840
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Map & Directions

Map & Directions

Feel free to email or call ahead! Using directions from online mapping services or GPS navigation systems may result in routes that traverse closed or non-existent roads.

Tip: When using Google Maps, be sure to enter 'Explore Resort' as your end-destination (instead of Ƶapp, Virginia).

If you have any questions about directions to Explore Resort,® please contact us at 540.289.9441. Our front desk is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week: 540.289.9441, option 0.  

Wondering about road conditions and closures? Be sure to check official transportation sites, no matter where you're coming from.

View Resort Map Here

Condo Maps
Eagle Trace® on the HillEagle Trace at Killy Court®
Eagle Trace® in the ValleyMountainside Villas
Regal Vistas®Shenandoah Villas at Killy Court®
Shenandoah Villas® at Nelson CourtShenandoah Villas® at Trevor Court
The Summit® at HillsideThe Summit® at Innsbruck
The Summit® at Grenoble WoodsThe Summit® - Peak Drive
The Summit® at SunriseWoodstone Meadows®

 Click on each name to view the condo map.

Other Resources

Other Resources

Driving Time
Atlanta, GA8 hours
Baltimore, MD3 hours
Bristol, TN5 hours
Charlotte, NC5 hours
Danville, VA3 hours
New York, NY6 hours
Philadelphia, PA4 hours
Pittsburgh, PA4 hours
Raleigh/Durham, NC5 hours
Richmond, VA2 hours
Roanoke, VA2 hours
Virginia Beach, VA4 hours
Washington, DC2 hours
Winchester, VA1 hour
Closest Airports
Shenandoah Valley30 min
Charlottesville   1 hour
Dulles International 2 hours
Closest Train Stations
Staunton30 min
Charlottesville       1 hour
Closest Bus Stations
Charlottesville   1 hour